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Get the toothbrush that’s better for you and better for the world – delivered free anywhere

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You’ll likely have a greater environmental impact doing one trip to buy a plastic toothbrush than you will having an entire toothbrush subscription for a year. Plus the benefits of our freebies and exclusive deals with brands that support us.

Is a bamboo toothbrush subscription really better for the environment?

It sure is, the total carbon production for each delivery, from factory to your door, is less than a single 1km journey in an average car.

Always forgetting to replace that worn out plastic brush?

Toothbrush bristles wear down, fill up with bacteria, and generally become less effective over time - so when we forget to replace them, they're no good for our teeth.

A fresh new concept in toothbrushing

We designed an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush that gets delivered to your door before the last one's done with freebies and excluive deals from our partners.

We’re passionate about a post-plastic future.

And we hope you’ll join us to help make that future happen.

We created EcoBrush.org because there’s simply no reason to make toothbrushes from plastic when we have a natural, sustainable, biodegradeable and beautiful material like bamboo.

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Great customer service and love helping the environment

These deals are amazing! definitely worth it!

Great that I don’t have to wory about replacing my toothbrush

EcoBrush all the way! We should all do our part for the environment!

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